Fine Artist &

Charmagne Coble

Fashion Model

Entwining Two Passions

Charmagne Coble is a neurodivergent British fine artist and fashion model. Living and working in the UK, Charmagne balances her two passions of modelling and fine art to revolve around the camera. Weather she is posing for the shot or the one shooting, she entwines her skills in both elements. Forever adapting, learning and creating, Charmagne continues to break barriers in the model and creative industries.

Fine Art

Charmagne's practice explores the complex relationship between absence and presence and how difficult it is to separate the two. The artists' own body is a frequent medium and is purposely done so as way to connect with her practice, by leaving traces and fragments through powders and chemicals on her skin then onto the canvas. Through a process of photography and printmaking Charmagne confronts what life is like after trauma, by entwining domestic and found objects to her practice to create haunting yet beautiful works of decay, grief and loss.


Highly experienced and internationally published fashion model with a versatile portfolio not limited to editorials, influencer campaigns, publications, front covers, social media and runways. Charmagne has worked with a variety of brands in fashion, fitness and fashion weeks with an ever growing portfolio. With a passion for learning, fashion and creativity, Charmagne continues to grow and develop in the modelling industry.