Series of Works


‘Trace’ explores the complex relationship between absence and presence and how difficult it is to separate the two. Using the artists own body as the medium to express personal experiences of decay and absence by leaving traces of the human body through powders on the skin. ‘Trace’ analyses what has been left behind yet at the same time shows what is quite clearly present.

Photography and Printmaking, 2017

Trace, photography, 30x20CM

Trace, photography, 42.x29CM

Trace, photography, 120x 30CM

The Impulsive

The Impulsive is a collection of prints made from natural forms and fruits transformed through a process of digital manipulation. The body of work deeply explores the haunting journey behind eating disorders, from the mental and physical impact disorders can have to the long path of recovery. What begins with a healthy fruit once full of life, slowly becomes decayed and digitally disturbed to make the subject appear ‘beautiful’ again.

This digital alteration represents the influence social media can have on society and how these transformations can make one chase a distorted beauty that doesn't exist. The process of organic to digital was created from fruits and repeatedly manipulated through digital art, to represent the ritualistic ways eating disorders can have on someone, as well as the image becoming so enhanced, that the original is no longer recognisable.

Printmaking, digital enhancement and fruit on paper, 2017- 2020

Raspberries, 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Orange, 59.4 x 84.1 cm

Pomegranate, 59.4 x 84.1 cm


Created in the lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic in collaboration with Pint of Science, the entwinement of art and sport come together to combat the struggle of mental health and the isolation the pandemic caused for so many.

The series displays the artist entangled and alone in a physical and metaphorical net of mental health, demonstrating the impact this emotional barrier can create.

Photography, 2021, 59.4 x 84.1 cm

A Response To Grief

The series of contrasting colours and materials were created during the covid 19 pandemic lockdown in Britain. What originally began as a visual diary to describe the feeling of loss, quickly became a ritualistic way to respond to grief felt over the pandemic. Elements of chaos and control are entwined with chemical destruction and a philosophy of trauma that are poured through the canvas to express grief, decay and recovery.

Mixed Media on Canvas, 2020 - 2023

Calamity, 58x43CM

Interitus (The Destruction), 40x30CM

Terminal, 40x50CM

The Distance Between Us, 60x90CM

Relapse & Recovery

‘Relapse and Recovery’ explores life after one has experienced trauma, the scarred memories and the reality of “living with ghosts”.

The series emphasises on socieites impact on mental health, domestic abuse and grief through a use of household mediums and broken sculpture. Inspiration from philosophy and poetry is interweaved finely as paper writing and erasing confront the distressing topics through stains, fragments and metaphors. By using symbolic materials contrasted with hazardous chemicals, an intense and metaphorical process of breaking and repairing gives a glimpse into the distressing journey of mental health. The objects are permanently transformed and though some are no longer recognisable they are able to function; they continue to survive.

Sculpture, 2019